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LMS for Class was founded by long time Moodle enthusiast, Reid Proctor, Ph.D. Reid has been using Moodle for over 18 years as a teacher, professor, faculty trainer, and consultant. LMS for Class has been established to promote the use of Moodle to enhance face-to-face instruction in the university classroom. The work of college students can be described in three phases: pre-class preparation, in-class engagement, and post-class study sessions.

Educators are often trained to use Moodle to support pre-class preparation and post-class study sessions. What about the most import part of the student learning cycle, when they are in the classroom with the faculty expert(s)? Faculty need tools that enable them to implement evidence-based teaching methods and foster in-class engagement for the students. Reid has been training faculty to use Moodle to facilitate in-class learning for over 10 years. Moodle has a range of tools, when used strategically are well suited to facilitate engaging in-class learning sessions. This is the mission of LMS for Class, to advance the use of Moodle in such a way that faculty are further empowered to effectively teach their students in the context of face-to-face instruction.

Let us help you leverage the unique attributes of Moodle to the benefit of your students.